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An efficient, safe, and reliable food chain is important to everyone.  In January 2011, the Food Safety
and Modernization Act became law. In general, the initiative requires documenting the production and
distribution supply chain of most food products. This tracking will enable those who produce and sell
food to take action more quickly when an outbreak of food borne illness or contamination occurs, thus
preventing illnesses or death.

Some distributors have product tracing systems in place but they vary depending on the amount of
information the system records and the technologies used to maintain records. In accordance with the
FSMA mandate, Hautly maintains a sophisticated database containing data required for FDA audits
and inspections. We provide the following food safety best practices to our partners:
  • Date tracking on all products received and shipped.
  • Lot code tracking when provided by the manufacturer.
  • Technologies to read UCC 128 bar codes to electronically record; batch number,
    serial/lot number, and production date.
  • Maintain records for minimum of 2 years.
  • Provide data to the FDA within 24 hours.
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